Wellness at Hotel Greenside

Hotel Greenside Wellness is an asset for lovers who value their privacy and prefer to avoid large crowds of sauna-goers. All saunas are reminiscent of typical Texel places and products: the Boet, the traditional barns in which sheep shelter, the tough, strong but fruity Duinhoorn, and the Dennen forest.


Opening hours

Daily between 10.00 am – 22.00 pm

On Saturdays between 2pm and 7pm, the Hotel Greenside Wellness area is reserved for our guests.


For €15 per person you can make use of the wellness. Hotel guests have free entrance.


For rent: € 7,50
Present in Superior Rooms & Suites


Can be purchased for €2,50
Present in Superior Rooms & Suites


Towels and mild cleaning products are available in the wellness area.

The boetsauna

  • A Finnish sauna with Texel hay floral scent
  • Temperature: 80-85 degrees
  • Humidity: 10%

The Finnish sauna is a sauna as originally intended: the damp, hot steam that spreads slowly through the wooden room is beneficial, relaxing, and gives your body a boost of resistance.

Pine sauna

  • An infrared sauna with pine scent
  • Temperature: 40-45 degrees

Unlike the classic Finnish sauna, this sauna is based on (invisible) infrared radiant heat. The heat reaches the skin without the involvement of hot and humid air.

Buckthorn sauna

  • Steam bath with sea-buckthorn scent
  • Temperature: 40-45 degrees
  • Humidity: 100%

While you slowly see the area disappear behind the moist, warm steam vapors, you will feel your skin react, in the most positive sense of the word. Breathe in and out and experience the benefits of the gentle steam circulating through the depths of your lungs and pores.


  • From pleasantly warm to freezing cold, from pungent drench to rainy sensation
  • Temperature: 10-45 degrees

Our large walk-in shower with drench shower, rain shower, and large jets that feel like a refreshing waterfall, is the true gem of the Hotel Greenside Wellness area. A bucket of ice cold water is waiting for those sauna enthusiasts who dare to expose their steam room and sauna heated bodies to icy sensations.


  • A water massage bed that massages your muscles with water, without you getting wet.

After an exciting on Texel, there is nothing better than a nice massage. Hotel Greenside Wellness has a private room equipped with a Hydrojet. Close the door and enjoy a wonderful massage with subtly stimulating jets.

€ 10,00 per person

Luxurious ‘Breeze’ Solarium

  • A super deluxe solarium, with fresh fragrance sensation
  • Water atomization
  • Mp3 player

The enjoyment of a sun bed in Hotel Greenside Wellness is an experience in itself. Thanks to the mp3 player, sunbathers can enjoy their own music while sunbathing. Need cooling? A pleasant water sprayer is available to cool your body with just one press of the button, without the body becoming too cold.

€ 10,00 per person

Beauty Treatments and massage

  • The crown on top of a spa session, thanks to Miranda Cosmetique in De Koog

Behind the company name Miranda Cosmetique, you will find an experienced beauty expert who works with the best and mild products. After a wonderful spa experience in Hotel Greenside Wellness, it is possible – after a two-minute walk – to enjoy a facial treatment and, if you like, a body massage.

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